Santa Postage

Santa Postage

Have you been searching for Santa postage – a Christmas postage stamp with the image of Santa Claus on it? If so, you may find the lack of Santa postage choices at your local post office completely unacceptable during the busy holiday season. We’ve got your solution – every kind of Santa postage you can imagine.

Maybe you want to send some holiday cheer to the people on your Christmas greeting card list. If so, then some funny Santa postage will be just what you need. Humorous Santa Claus postage includes funny or clever sayings with a holiday theme as well as funny graphics of Santa in unexpected situations.

If your holidays tastes are more classic and traditional, there are a host of Santa theme stamps that will fit your needs nicely. Stamps in this category feature Santa, fat and jolly in full red suit, black belt, and flowing white beard. From old-fashioned Santa images (aka Vintage Santa Claus postage stamps) such as Victorian Santas to the images burned in our minds from the heydey of print advertising to modern Santa photography, there’s a great Santa postage stamp for you.

For cards being sent to or from children (as well as those who are perennially young at heart), there are Christmas theme stamps featuring favorite cartoon characters such as Donald Duck, Goofy, and Mickey Mouse, dressed in Santa costumes.

There is another category of Santa postage called Santa In Action. Those seasonal postage stamps feature Santa Claus going about his daily business at the North Pole as well as his special duties on Christmas eve.

One example includes Santa prepping and feeding the reindeer before their important Christmas Eve mission. (You can imagine how much reindeer food those reindeer must have to eat in order to fly that toy-filled sleigh around the globe in one night!) Another example is Santa writing letters back to Children who have sent him their Christmas wish lists and told him how good they have been all year.

Still more scenes of Santa at work show coming down the fireplace in a nicely decorated living room and then carefully placing the presents under the Christmas tree – of course he does so quietly so as not to wake the little ones who are snuggled in their beds. Just as the reindeer needs lots of energy for their work, so does Santa so there are scenes of him enjoying the delicious milk and cookie snacks or gingerbread cookie and egg nog combinations that moms and dads have left out for him.

Never far from Santa’s mind while he is out flying from rooftop to rooftop on Christmas eve is Mrs. Claus who is home taking care of all the last minute preparations for the Christmas celebrations throughout the village at the North Pole. She deserves and gets placement on Santa stamps as well. Some Mrs. Claus stamps show her kissing Santa under the mistletoe and other show her baking gingerbread cookies which will be used as presents for the elves.

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